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plex-media-ingest is a CLI application which helps you to ingest and organize your movies and TV shows in your Plex library. It is currently in development and not yet feature-complete.


Use cargo to install plex-media-ingest. Since it is not yet published on, use it with the --git flag and the repository.

cargo install --git


Usage: plex-media-ingest [OPTIONS] [PATH]

  [PATH]  Path to look for media in

  -q, --quiet          Quiet mode
  -v, --verbose...     Verbosity
  -f, --first-run      First run mode
  -m, --move           Move files rather than copying them
  -d, --dry-run        Output moves/copies instead of actually doing them
  -s, --shows          Look for shows instead of movies
  -c, --config <FILE>  Custom config file
  -h, --help           Print help
  -V, --version        Print version


The following features are currently implemented:

  • Movie matching based on file name with interactive selection from TMDB query
    • Extras and different version support with interactive selection (Support for all Plex extra types and Plex movie edition-field)
    • Subtitle matching if they are in separate files in the same folder as the main movie
  • TV Show matching based on directory name with interactive selection from TMDB query
    • Matches Seasons and Episode numbers based on the file name of the video files
    • Subtitle matching if subtitle file name contains season and episode key
    • Support for Specials if they are named as S00Exx, matching like on TMDB

Known Limitations

  • Movies
    • Does not yet support passing a single file as path, only folders, and will therefore match a folder with multiple movies as one movie and extras
    • Does not yet support multiple encodings of the same edition of a movie (e.g. you have a 1080p and 2160p encode, it will only regard the one with the bigger file size as main movie, the other as extras)
    • Does not support any artworks (poster or fanart) yet
  • TV Shows
    • No support for Specials named Special instead of S00
  • General
    • Currently only tested on Linux with mounted SMB file system, not tested on Windows yet


Dual licensed under Apache-2.0 or MIT

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 OR MIT